Our Donors:

This is our generous donation, sponsors page.

You can see your name here permanently for life long record, for your children and next generation to see..  just like you donate to temple and put Name slab on the wall of that particular temple.

Donate for a cause, donate for a reason, donate because you have something good happen in your family. here are few examples of our generous donors.

As a young person, Jessica Mavadia contributed out of her 1st pay check for Education purpose charity .

Dr Hasmukhbhai and Dr Renukaben contributed when their son's MD Graduation and on their daughter Ami's Sweet Sixteen

Dilipbhai and Kantaben Solanki contributed on the occasion of their son Pranav's wedding.

Jitendra and Purnima contributed on their Daughter Jessica's Sweet Sixteen

These are just few example, so please be generous and think about our association which is trying to build up strength to help other's on need and critaria basis.

So think of our Association, whenever you have some good things going on in your family, your life etc.

Remember, we are not big or multi-millionaire but you can make us.

Our Association's all time Donors / Young Donors / and Attending supporters

Diwali Dinner Sponsors:

2002 - Dr. Ramesh & Dipti Tank

2003 - Jitendra & Purnima Mavadia

2005 - Dr Rasik & Pragna Parmar

2006 - Dr Hasmukhbhai & Dr Renukaben Tank

2009 - Dilipbhai & Kantaben Solanki

2010 - Purnima & Jitendra Mavadia

Continuous regular and consistent supporter

(As per account from 2002 to 2010 following members attended most of our Gnati functions and activities, holding board member positions or activity positions.)

Bipin & Mita Parmar                  (Past treasurer)

Dilip & Kanta Solanki                 (Past President)

Dr. Jayant & Elsa Solanki

Dr. Indu & Kusum Solanki          (Past Board Member)

Dr. Ramesh & Dipti Tank           (Past Vice President)

Dr. Rasik & Pragna Parmar       (President -2011)

Dr. Hasmukh & Renuka Tank     (Past President)

Dr. Jitendra & Mukunda Jadav   (Past Vice President)

Gaurang & Jayshree Tank         (Past Board Member)

Jayant & Aruna Lalani                (Past President)

Jitendra & Purnima Mavadia       (Past President)

Kanti & Madhu Solanki               (Vice President - 2011)

Mukesh & Nita Yadav                (Past President)

Nayana Tank (most times toys for children)

Pinakin & Kirti Tank                    (Past President)

Ramnik & Meena Vandra            (Founder President)

Ramesh & Saroj Parmar

Vijay & Neelam Solanki               (Secretary - 2011)


Young Donors


Jessica Mavadia (2006-Donated from her 1st Pay check of her young life for book distribution to India)

Prachi & Dhruv (1st time attending after marriage)

Surbhi & Manish Shah (1st time attending after marriage)

Dharmesh Chotalia


Attending donors

Bhikhubhai Tank visited from IndiaDhanji & Veena Mistry

Chandrakant & Aruna Kakrecha

Dhiren & Kirti Solanki

Vasant & Sarla Tank


Shailesh Chotalia



Himanshu & Rutu Manani

Paresh & Darshna Chauhan

Pradip & Madhukanta Ramani

Girish  & Hansa Ramani

Purushottam & Induben Maru

Mayaben B. Makwana

Dr. Manish & Ami Khetani

Umakant & Ramilaben Parmar

Vinod Chauhan

Virji Kashi Chauhan

Anjana Tank

Neelesh Jethwa (Will mail check for $51.00 since 2008 diwali)

Dr Mandar & Amita Tank

Manoj & Ranjan Lalani & Shyam