Health Information:

You all know that Health is Wealth and here is a wealth of information to keep you informed.

Below is a list of series of “links” about various illnesses, diseases and ailments – from Allergies to Arthritis, from Back Pain to different kinds of Diabetes, from Colon Cancer to Heart diseases, from Kidney diseases to Parkinson’s disease, from Shingles to Vacuities……….!

It is a long list!
Links very educational.
They are kind of “tutorials” for ordinary folks like us that explain the reasons of a particular condition in an easy-to-understand language.
They also suggest different kinds of treatments. Each link includes three options – Read, Listen or Watch Video.

What you need to do is: pick an “ailment” that you want information on and then click on one of the three options it gives you:


My suggestion would be to try all the three briefly and then decide on your preference. For example, I am experiencing some ringing in my ears so clicked on “tinnitus” and first tried “Self Playing” and, using the animated graphics and easy-to-understand language, it gave me some very good information and suggestions as to what to do next.

NOTE: This series is not from some company that is trying to sell its home made medicine – it is from a “prestigious” company, the Patient Education Institute that has a large library of interactive multi-media software, “X-Plain’” for patient education. X-Plain is being used by many hospitals, doctors and even corporations.


Diseases and Conditions

Tests and Diagnostic Procedures


Surgery and Treatment Procedures