Our Mission

Information Exchange:


To reach all the Gnati members world wide to relay news, messages about all good and sad events like, child birth, Engagements, Marriages, death, achievements etc.


Intercultural Exchange:

To learn all about society, culture, heritage around the world

To expose our Gnati young children to our own Society, Culture and heritage who born outside India and away from home.


Our mission is also to publish following information to help our Gnati Members world wide

  • Job related news in all the fields

  • Legal Information

  • Financial Planning Information

  • Immigration Information

  • To publish and send above  news by form of email to our members who are on our mailing list  from around the world which can be really helpful to our society.

  • Financial Help:
  • To help and recognize students of our Gnati world wide as per guidelines set by our Education Committee.

  • To help non working needy widows of our Gnati world wide  as per guidelines set by our Financial Help Committee.

For Students:
  •  To recognize and award them for their academic achievements 

  • To create and start social activities for children to participate

  • To honor and awarded children who have participated in Social Activities, which can help in their further school and college study program.

Marriage Co-ordination: (Vasudhev Kutumbakam) (The World is a big family)

  •  To expose all the candidates of our Gnati world wide through our web portal.

  • Co-ordinate among all our Gnati marriage burros world wide for easy access to qualifications and references.

  • Encourage our Ladies and Gentlemen to review the qualifications and smartness of our Boys and Girls back in India, and to give them opportunity to show their smartness.