About us:

Welcome to the Ocean of Information, Taste it, if you like it take a dive in it and feel the warmth of our

Unity and love

Among our one BIG FAMILY

As we have our Gnati Mandals in all over India, our Gnati bandhu's who came over to USA and other countries, decided to start this Organization.


In our Gnati Past Presidents, you will see all our hardworking visionaries who had a dream to make our Gnati Association a big success.  To fulfill their desire and ambition, in year 2000 this web presence started in full form, although in beginning stage lots of developments were required.


In 1992 this Organization was started by Mr. Ramnik Vandra, our Founder President for US & Canada with the co-operation and help of Dr Indubhai Solanki.


In 1994 Mr. Bipin Bajania, became President of US & Canada. tried his best to keep this group's unity


After 1994 US & Canadian operation was split because of better handling.


In 1998 Mr. Jayant Lalani became President and gave a new light to the association. Because of the resources and availability in USA, we have decided to start at local level and now by having our web presence from year 2000, we would like to expand it world wide. Jayantbhai's Vice-president was Dr Ramesh Tank, secretary was Jitendra Mavadia and Treasurer was Mukesh Yadav.


In Year 2000 Dr. Hemrajbhai Becherbhai Solanki, MBBS, MS University India, became President. We all recognize him as Dr. Kaka. Dr. Kaka had his Medical Practice over 40 years at Nagpur India and retired in 1983.

Under Dr Kaka's guidance  Jitendra Mavadia started First Kadia Gnati's Website www.kadia.org


2001 & 2003 Jitendra Mavadia become president and gave us a slogan 'Maitry Bhav Nu Pavitra Zaranu" for world peace according to that era's political circumstances.

  • Diwali Dinner sponsored by Dr Ramesh and Dipti Tank in - Night of Columbus 1st Year

  • Diwali Dinner sponsored by Jitendra & Purnima Mavadia in Elizabeth Fire Hall 2nd year.

  • Started Yahoo, Facebook, Orkut groups to encourage and communicate all young Gnati Members

  • Started Young Gnati Group and committee

  • Strong believer in change with the world in new technology

  • Always welcoming new ideas for new generation.

  • Arrange Health awareness talks by Dr. Rasik Parmar Dr Hasmukh Tank, Dr Jitendra Jadav in Gnati function like Diwali dinner and summer picnics.

2003 to 2005 Mukesh Yadav - Our ever young extra enthusiastic President

  • Always wanted to send help to India for educational purpose.

  • No Party because of some sad circumstances.

2005-2006 Dr. Renukaben Tank become president

  • Diwali dinner sponsored by Dr Renukaben and Dr Hasmukh Tank in 'Jyoti' restaurant in Parsippany

  • Dr. Renukaben took the flagship in her hand started activities line summer picnic and Diwali dinner.

  • Dr Renukaben (Psychiatrist) console Jitendra Mavadia in 2001 for PTS because of WTC incident.

  • Always wanted to do something for Gnati members and finding a way to help behind the screen

  • Arrange summer picnic in Turkey swamp Park.

  • Also Dr Renukaben educated on a casual talks to young members about her medical field even during summer picnic and every opportunity she got.

2006-2007 Arunaben Lalani become president.

  • Arrange Diwali dinner was in Cherry Hill

  • Also arrange summer picnic etc functions for gnati.

2007-2008 Pinakin Tank become president.

  • Pinakinbhai's team was VP Jitendra Mavadia, Secretary Jayshree Tank, Treasurer was Mukeshbhai Yadav.

  • Diwali dinner was in Rajput

  • Did summer picnic.

  • Very much interested in sending help to India Education purpose.

  • Did nice summer picnic was a great success everyone enjoyed.

  • Daughter Stuti, is upcoming young accountant for our Gnati. Always in front desk at every gnati functions.

2008-2009 Dilip Solanki become President.

  • Diwali dinner was sponsored by Dilipbhai  Kantaben Solanki in Rajput.

  • Excellent dedicated couple.  Kantaben always leading in cultural activities and help every presidents each year.

  • Dilipbhai Modern advance thinker and lots of new ideas for young and fund raising for charity to not only India but wherever is necessary.

  • Did nice summer picnic and treat everyone with the veggie subway sandwiches from his own 'Subway'

2009 - 2010 Purnima Mavadia become President for departing century.

  • Diwali Dinner in "Ganges' Princeton Junction.

  • Interested in promoting Health & Education

  • Wanted to do lots of activities for young like Snow & Ski trip, Beach party, Weekend overnight trips with family but young members do separate independent fun activities.

  • Already did Manasquan Reservoir Picnic for eagle watching, canoeing, kayaking, and group boat riding


But, hay! ' Rome was not build in a day! right?  So we are also doing progress.


Our vision is to co-ordinate among all the Gnati Mandals world wide and make this web portal one stop access point for all and any member of our Gnati from anywhere around the globe.


Here you can express your thoughts, views, and share your ideas about how to improve our social activities, how to be more useful to our society, in all the aspects of our life.


You can give us information about Childbirth, Marriage, Social, Medical and Legal points for our Gnati families worldwide.


You can also get information about Jobs, financial news, and finally in the memory of our loved one's who are more loved by the Super Power Almighty God.


At last, but not least, let me remind you all that there is no end of knowledge and opinions. Like it said in the early days that

"Keep the Critics in front. They will show your Faults, and save you from Bigger Ones".


That is why I would say that this page is still under development and we welcome your suggestions to improve it more.


Click on any one topic below and enjoy!